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        "不忘初心 打造匠心 做好本職工作"主旨論壇

        發布時間:2019-11-18 點擊:5361

          2019 年11月15 日,海誠農業集團企宣部和工貿綜合部創新大講堂培訓形式,聯合舉辦了"不忘初心、打造匠心、做好本職工作"主旨論壇。集團綜合部白國玉、企宣部負責人王艷影以及工貿綜合部全體員工參加了論壇。本次論壇旨在緊緊圍繞李彥睿總經理提出“四化”戰略理念,打造崗位匠心化,進一步增強廣大員工愛崗敬業的自覺性,更好地推動各項工作的有效開展。



          On November 15, 2019, Haicheng Agricultural Group's enterprise publicity department and the Ministry of industry and trade of the people's Republic of China jointly held the theme forum of "never forget your original intention, build your ingenuity and do your job well". Bai Guoyu, director of the group's comprehensive department, Wang Yanying, head of the enterprise publicity department and all employees of the industry and trade comprehensive department attended the forum. The purpose of this forum is to closely focus on general manager Li Yanrui's strategic concept of "four modernizations", create post ingenuity, further enhance the awareness of employees' love and dedication, and better promote the effective development of all work.

          At the meeting, Minister Bai Guoyu of the comprehensive Department of the group made a keynote speech. This paper focuses on the construction and development of the group's business sector in the past year, and in combination with the achievements and vivid examples of applying post ingenuity in the construction of marketing system, technical support system and management system, explains the importance of post ingenuity and its irreplaceable role in the development of enterprises. Wang Yanying, the head of enterprise publicity department, made a keynote speech of "do not forget the original intention, build ingenuity, and do a good job in enterprise publicity work in an all-round way", and introduced in detail how to carry out enterprise publicity work with the standard and belief of ingenuity in the past year. The employees of the industry and trade department respectively discussed the embodiment of ingenuity in the work position, the existing shortcomings and the direction of future efforts in combination with their own work responsibilities.

          The content of the lecture is novel and the form is unique. All participants are able to speak actively. They can not only talk about what they have learned in the process of job rotation training, but also make clear the next work direction in combination with the idea of post ingenuity. Everyone generally feels that they have goals, motivation and drive. They also unanimously express that they should concentrate on their efforts, exert their joint efforts, and better boost the development of the group.

          Only when you don't forget your original intention can you build your ingenuity. Don't forget that originality is the basis for the development of things, and creating originality is the condition for the development of things. Originality gets power through originality, and originality realizes vision through originality. Don't forget that the original intention should be combined with the political position of the agricultural group in serving the agriculture, countryside and farmers, the strategy of "four modernizations" and the tactics of "seeking truth from facts" put forward by President Li, and the post responsibilities. Only in this way, don't forget that the original intention can have connotation, the creativity can be grounded, not only a slogan, but also a form.