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        Brief introduction of Ukrainian base

          The Ukrainian processing base is located in the kyukov district of Chernygov state, north of Kiev, close to more than 30 kilometers away from Belarus, the geographical position is superior, the basic agricultural conditions are unique thick. Ukraine is one of the three black soil regions in the world, and its total grain output ranks first in the world Column, with the reputation of European granary.

          The base relies on the company in the domestic buckwheat rice processing matured experience and the market ability foundation, the chain of whole buckwheat industry extends to foreign main producing area and sale area. The base in 2013, Uvanda, a local shareholder, bought two farms in the Kyukov district. It has leased more than 6,400 hectares of land, with a total investment of about us $10 million so far engaged in dairy cattle and beef cattle breeding, feed production, food planting, etc., for local farmers to create more than 250 jobs. The company uses construction buckwheat rice processing plant can drive the farmer buckwheat planting enthusiasm, already solved the company partial raw material question, also make the local farmers get a better income after large - scale planting buckwheat.

          Company in the existing processing business on the basis of more extensive development including wheat, jade rice, sunflower, oats and other new grain processing business, the current planting and processing in Ukraine trade is quite profitable in the field of agriculture and has a good price and quality in the international market definite competitiveness. The company relies on Ukraine base construction can be exported to China in the future agricultural products to lay a solid foundation, and Ukraine's processed agricultural products can be exported to the entire EU region, to achieve the promotion and expansion of the industrial chain.