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          蕎麥含有豐富的鎂,能促進人體纖維蛋白溶解,使血管擴張,抑制凝血塊的形成,具有抗栓塞的作用,也有利于降低血清膽固醇。蕎麥中的某些黃酮成分還具有抗菌、消炎、止咳、平喘、祛痰的作用,因此,蕎麥還有“消炎糧食”的美稱,另外這些成分還具有降低血糖的功效。 海誠農業集團目前在鞍山生產基地建有年處理能力40000噸蕎麥生米的亞洲最高效生產線,在烏克蘭切爾尼科夫建有年處理能力12000噸的蕎麥生米生產線,產品覆蓋國內近半省,自治區,并且遠銷俄羅斯,烏克蘭,中亞及部分中東歐地區。


          Haicheng Agricultural Group always prioritizes the trade of import and export agricultural products, especially in the processing and trade of buckwheat. By far, our products include buckwheat hull, buckwheat kernel and roasted buckwheat kernel  among which buckwheat kernel and roasted buckwheat kernel have been exported to southern Asia and part of northeast Asian countries where they are so popular. According to the scientific research, buckwheat protein is rich in lysine, and trace elements such as iron, manganese and zinc are richer than ordinary grains, and rich in dietary fiber, which has a good nutrition and health care effect. Buckwheat is rich in vitamin E and soluble dietary fiber. It also contains niacin and rutin (rutine). Rutin has the effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol, softening blood vessels, protecting vision and preventing cerebral vascular hemorrhage.

          Buckwheat is rich in magnesium, it can promote the dissolution of human fibrin, expand blood vessels, and nhibit the formation of blood clots, has anti-embolic effect, and it is also conducive to lowering serum cholesterol. Some flavonoids in buckwheat also have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, antiasthmatic, and expectorant effects. Therefore, buckwheat also has the reputation of "anti-inflammatory food", and these ingredients also have the effect of lowering blood sugar. Haicheng Agricultural Group currently has the most efficient production line in Asia with an annual processing capacity of 40,000 tons of buckwheat raw rice at the Anshan production base. It has a 12,000-ton buckwheat raw rice production line in Chernikov, Ukraine, covering nearly half of the domestic production line. Provinces, autonomous regions, and exported to Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and parts of Central and Eastern Europe.