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          —— 遼南優質小漿果產區的精品生產基地

          —— 品質與品牌并重 / 線上與線下同步 / 倉儲與加工延伸

          —— 生產與休閑結合 / 創新與創意驅動 / 銷售與體驗互動


          公司生產基地現有高標準生產性溫室大棚20余棟,室內面積達到22萬平方米以上,分為暖棚、冷棚、育苗棚、試驗棚;露地栽培面積達80余畝,栽植有樹齡為5 ~ 8年優質藍莓1.5萬余株,樹齡為5年以下的苗木5萬余株。園區通過暖棚、冷棚和露地三種方式搭配種植,保證超長時段鮮果供應,基本達到“錯溫栽植 分時上市”。種植品種既包括了適應于遼東半島自然條件、市場認可度頗高的藍豐、北陸、杜克、瑞卡,又有新近引入國內市場、品質得到明顯提升的薄霧、奧尼爾、錢德勒等10余個品種。預計2019年進入豐產期可年產優質藍莓25噸以上,2020年可實現年產優質藍莓75噸以上。同時,基地還種植有500余畝奇異莓(軟棗獼猴桃)、紅樹莓、草莓,奇異莓盛產期可達500噸以上,是目前鞍山地區最大的優質漿果種植生產基地。




        Construction goals and functional positioning:

          —— Excellent production base of high quality small berry production area in Liaonan

          —— Quality and brand emphasis / Online and offline synchronization / Warehousing and processing extension

          —— Production and leisure integration / Innovation and creative drive / Sales and experience interaction

          The emerging small berry tree species represented by blueberries and kiwifruit has high economic value and broad development prospects, and is rich in nutrients such as multivitamins and trace elements. Fresh fruit can be eaten raw, and it can be used as raw materials for processing fruit juice, fruit wine, jam, etc. It has a high added value and is very popular at home and abroad. Blueberries are rich in natural pigments and natural antioxidants. They have anti-cancer, anti-oxidant activities, prevent urinary tract infections, relieve eye fatigue, improve vision, delay brain aging, and enhance memory. It is both a delicious fruit and a nutritious green health food.

          The company's production base has more than 20 high-standard production greenhouses, and the indoor area is more than 220,000 square meters. It is divided into warm sheds, cold sheds, nursery sheds and test sheds; the area of open field cultivation is more than 80 acres, and the planting age is There are more than 15,000 high-quality blueberries in 5~8 years, and more than 50,000 seedlings with a tree age of less than 5 years. The park is planted in three ways: warm shed, cold shed and open field to ensure the supply of fresh fruit for a long period of time, basically reaching the “wrong temperature planting time-sharing listing”. The planting varieties include the adaptation to the natural conditions of the Liaodong Peninsula, the high market recognition of Lanfeng, Beilu, Duke, Rica, and the newly introduced domestic market, the quality has been significantly improved in the mist, O'Neill, Chandler Wait for more than 10 varieties. It is estimated that in the high-yield period in 2019, it can produce more than 25 tons of high-quality blueberries per year. In 2020, it can achieve an annual output of more than 75 tons of high-quality blueberries. At the same time, the base is also planted with more than 500 acres of exotic berries (soft jujube kiwi), red raspberry, strawberry, and the singular raspberry can reach more than 500 tons. It is the largest high-quality berry planting production base in Anshan.

          The production base is planted with high standards. The soil improvement in the early stage is in place. The peat soil, farmyard manure and sulfur powder are all applied according to technical indicators. The drainage facilities surround the base. All blueberry trees have irrigation facilities. The underground pipe network, drip irrigation, irrigation and drainage, sprinkler irrigation and drainage facilities of the water conservancy project were all built to the highest standards.

          Up to now, we have obtained the registered trademark of “gengzhi”brand; the cartoon image of creative design “Xiaozhi’s Xiaolan” has been well received as a marketing promotion; it has passed the national green food certification and the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification. The work was basically completed; a set of technical specifications for standardized cultivation of blueberries in Haicheng area was summarized.