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        Introduction of HCAG

          Liaoning Province Haicheng Agricultural Group (HCAG) is a holding company of Haicheng SASAC. It concentrates on the fields of SANNONG which means agriculture, rural areas and peasants. It is a brand new mixed system of ownership enterprise that focuses on the processing and trading of agricultural products, the service of SANNONG and the investment construction of rural areas. HCAG is located in Haicheng City Liaoning Province , which has been the transportation hub of southern Liaoning Province ever since. The city owns superior location and convenient transportation. There are two highways named Shenda and Danxi whose entrances and exits come up to 8 in the region of Haicheng City. The nearby one-hour-economic zone includes Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, Anshan Airport, Yingkou Airport, Yingkou Harbor and Panjin Harbor.

          The registered capital of HCAG is up to RMB 200 million. There are 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries ,3 subordinate offices and 1 joint venture company in it. They are Liaoning Haicheng Trading Co.,Ltd, Haicheng Agricultural Service Co.,Ltd , Haicheng Investment Construction Co.,Ltd, Haicheng logistics Co.,Ltd, Tianjin subordinate office, Man Zhouli subordinate office , Jinzhou subordinate office and  Anhai grain&agriculture co.,ltd.  Of all above, depending on years of international agricultural trading experience from Jinzhou Difeng Trading Company, under the instruction of One Belt One Road national strategy, on the basis of inner and outer business of trade of global agricultural products, with the technological support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University and Shenyang Agricultural University, meanwhile planning and setting up three bases of deep-processing of agricultural products together with large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, HCAG is building a value chain system of global agricultural products. Haicheng Agricultural Service Company can provide peasants with the services of producing, trading , storage, logistics , technology , finance and brand operation etc. so that peasants, agricultural products and agricultural technology can reach the whole country as well as the world. At the same time, best-qualified products and technology can be taken back and served for the society. Thus, Haicheng Agricultural Service Company can really be the leader and steward of rural economy. Haicheng Investment Construction Company is trying to forging the platform of investment and financing for SANNONG in terms of long-term reputation and advanced pattern of business. Also it can attract the capital that is interested in SANNONG to achieve the goal of win-win between capital and industry. Meanwhile, Haicheng Investment Construction Company makes it its own responsibility to turn itself into the new terminal of rural areas. That is to take best-qualified consumer goods, service and agricultural materials to the unit of village by means of both online and offline in order to solve the problem of the last mile perplexing peasants. Then it can sell agricultural products back to the city to enlarge the income channels of peasants. Finally it makes agricultural products and consumptions connected smoothly.

          HCAG persists in the vision that all wisdom comes to us and deep love puts in SANNONG. In the meantime, the concept of people first, integrity prior and international eyesights helps converge elites from all levels to undertake the mission of SANNONG and prosper the country. HCAG is sure to struggle to work out the structural adjustment of social development in the new era in order that agriculture becomes powerful, rural areas gets beautiful and each of peasants is able to make his Chinese Dream come true.