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        Haicheng Agriculture Group Year-end Summary Conference

          We paint into the old embroidered exhibition, and celebrate the new year.On January 11, 2019, Haicheng Agricultural Group held the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work mobilization meeting. The main content of the meeting is to systematically summarize the achievements of the agricultural group in the past year, deeply analyzed the existing problems and causes, find shortcomings, find advantages, find kinetic energy, and find export make sure the direction in 2019. At the meeting, the heads of various branches and departments of the group made a summary of the work in the past year. Finally, Mr. Li fully affirmed the achievements of the agricultural group in the past year and focused on how to make a step in 2019.

          General Li put forward the tactics of "four modernizations" and "seeking truth from facts" in the next step. We need to achieve management standardization. It is the necessary condition for maintaining the attributes of state-owned enterprises and maintaining long-term stable development;We will realize the business platforming. We will cooperate and win-win with different platforms. As long as it is benefit to the development of the Group, we all have space for cooperation.We are going to achieve the posts ingenuity. Everyone is a new recruit for the post of the agricultural group. They need to use the spirit of artisans to shape the quality that suits the requirements of the job and make the work more perfect. We are going to achieve internationalization of vision. Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to a great undertaking.When we look outside, face the international world, and stand at the height of the times to manage business areas to be the first.Meanwhile, in the specific work, we must adhere to the "seek truth from facts" tactics, "learning, doing, and reforming" trinity,clutch a piece of iron and you should leave your handprint on it,remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind , seek truth from facts, and be far-sighted.

          With time goes by ,when we look back at the past, the agricultural group is growing up, from the down to up , to promote the rise of the group from the reform; looking forward to the future, everyone is full of enthusiasm, from the summary to the deep planning and guide the group to take off. Everyone believes that with the help of the General Manager Li Yanrui,Director Li Shiwen and the leadership team of the group, and with the joint efforts of all of them, HCAG will be able to shoulder the responsibility of the three rural services and support the splendid future of Haicheng agriculture and the rural economy.