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        發布時間:2019-10-15 點擊:4710



          From October 10th to 11th, 2019, six employees of the General Department were assigened  to Wang Shi hainong Village to support the picking work. On the 10th at nine o'clock, the Ministry of Industry and Trade employees arrived at Hainong Village and were given a cordial hospitality by the manager of the village, Lv Ming. The content of this rotation training is to pick apples, and to grade and to package apples.

          Under the scorching sun, everyone dressed in uniforms,everyone was doing their job, the boys were responsible for picking and transporting the trees, the girls were responsible for sorting and bagging apples, and the work was carried out in an orderly manner. Everyone fights side by side, unites and cooperates, not only the pace of work, had the high efficency, and high standards and strict requirements for work, they were not afraid of hardships and hardships, fully demonstrating the spirit of Hainong people who were hard-working and were responsible for the work.

          The Hainong Group has many industrial structures at home and abroad, which also provides opportunities for employees to rotate in all aspects. During the work, the employees involved in the rotation training not only learned about some apple planting knowledge, such as apple varieties, disaster prevention, etc., but also had a preliminary understanding of the general environment and business scope of Hainong Village.