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        發布時間:2019-06-21 點擊:4835







        Haicheng Agricultural Group and Anshan Grain joint venture cooperation project achieved stage achievements

          Recently, from the site of the Anshan Grain Processing Workshop, the buckwheat deep processing project of Haicheng Agricultural Group and Anshan Grain Co., Ltd. has undergone nearly three weeks of technical debugging process, and the production line of buckwheat processing technology has been already finished, with a production capacity of about 3 tons per hour. At present, technicians are still adjusting the flow rate to achieve the best results and improve production efficiency.

        The project is mainly aimed at improving the technological innovations in the traditional processing of buckwheat, for raw materials to throw away impurities, inferior products and low production automation, in order to achieve the goal of product quality upgrading and capacity acceleration. So, in the technical reform content, the main improvement and new color selection machine wind network equipment, shell sieve wind selection equipment, so that the level of automated screening to meet international standards. Meanwhile, it also supports the third floor cargo hoisting line, thus we could complete the organic combination of in-and -out business transportation,and improve the level of transportation capacity of the assembly line.

          Next, the two sides are adjusting the management framework around the normal operation of the project, and focusing on two advances:

          First, the two sides exchanged joint working group members to coordinate the registration of pre-registered companies, feasibility study reports and various procedures;

          Second, HCAG will send employees to the joint venture company to jointly develop new business with Anshan Grain Group, and strive to build a leading agricultural product enterprise in the Anshan Haicheng area and expand the business space at home and abroad, and achieve brand internationalization.