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        "Ku shike" brand flour - Haicheng Agricultural Group created a masterpiece, honored production

          Processing the raw material chooses the Russian raw wheat. It is a“three without products” from the Siberian ecological field without pollution, without pesticides and without added. It is an organic first grade wheat flour with strong and elastic gluten. The stone mill used in the processing procedure is made of a stone grinding disc with a scientific hook groove and ground at a low speed and a low temperature. The aroma of the wheat germ, protein, carotene, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1. Vitamin B2, dietary fiber and other nutrients are completely preserved. It smells like a pure wheat scent. It tastes different from the unique taste and taste of mechanical flour, so that the quality of the flour is guaranteed.

          Russian wheat has a long maturity period and it is planted in the fall. After the baptism of the snow and ice, it is harvested in the summer of the second year. In addition to the natural geographical environment in which Siberian people in Russia are sparsely populated and pollution-free, the color of the flour is pure natural green. Russian spring wheat is in an excellent condition in major quality indicators such as bulk density, gluten and occupy stability time.